Variable #37 2

Variable #37 
Ink, bubble solution, watercolours, pencil and coloured pencil on 300gsm new grain paper
42cm x 29.7cm

Detail Shots

Jenny Core, Abstract Drawing, Variable #37

Jenny Core, Abstract Drawing, Variable #37


Variable #37 was commissioned by PAPER Gallery (UK) for their 3rd Birthday auction. The work addressed the auction theme of ‘3’ with the number of forms on the page. The abstract drawing, created with bubbles, was influenced by a recent visit to see Claude Monet’s work in Zürich. I loved the use of colour in Monet’s work. What looks like a pastel blue from far away, on closer inspection, is a vessel for yellow, reds, purples, greens at a variety of depths and tone. The canvas was bursting with activity. I was influenced by this energy and wanted to breath more life into my forms by using colour.

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Variable #37 can be purchased exclusively through PAPER Gallery’s Birthday Auction, which will take place in September 2015. If you are interested in placing a bid or would like to reserve the work, please get in contact with PAPER Gallery via their website HERE.