Variable #34 2

Variable #34
21cm x 29.7cm
Ink, bubble solution, watercolour, pencil and coloured pencil on 300gsm knot textured paper

Detail shots

Variable #34 detail1

variable #34 detail2

About the Artwork
As I investigate the contemporary approach to drawing, I am searching for connections in the abstract imagery created through my drawing processes. In order to ‘make sense’/find significance in these marks on a page, I’m using colour. I am experimenting colours that connect to each other. For example, I have used red and green and black. When red and green are mixed together it creates black. The same concept applies to other opposites such as yellow and purple, and blue and orange. When they are mixed, it creates black, forming a connection through the piece.

*Variable #34 won the ArtSlant 2015 3rd Showcase award: Abstract Category.

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Variable #34 can be purchased through my gallery representation, Rise Art, by clicking HERE.