Variable #3


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Work Information

Title: Variable #3
Artwork Dimensions (cm): 14.8cm x 21cm
Frame: Work does not come framed
Materials: ink, bubble solution, watercolour and pencil
Paper Type: 200gsm KNOT textured paper 

About Work
Following on from my previous series, Drawing With Objects, which was an investigation into the potential and diversity of drawing as a medium and not just a process, I am now changing variables of how I capture objects on paper. By changing small components of how I create these marks, will provide me with more marks to manipulate and investigate the medium of drawing.

Additional Information
Due to the piece being drawn with bubbles exploding over the page, light ink spatter can be found on the blank areas of the paper. The work is signed on the back by the artist. All artwork, purchased from my website, comes with a certificate of authenticity and a personalised note from the artist.

Variable #3



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Variable #3 in Situ